Our people are at the heart of everything we do

Every day, our employees around the world provide first-class services. And we know not to take this for granted – because people only do great work if they enjoy it. That’s why we offer far more besides a secure job and reliable income. Our priority is making sure our staff are happy in the long term.

More than just a job

We ensure you have the opportunity to inject your own individual personality and experiences into your day-to-day work, and that you feel you’re taken seriously in the process. Because only then can you be truly passionate about what you do and make decisions that help both you and the company move forward.

Our guiding values

We’ve put a lot of thought into what Gebr. Heinemann has come to represent since it was founded, and have captured our culture and identity in our corporate values. These not only describe who we are – they serve as guidance for how we should all behave. Our employees know exactly what we expect of them when they’re interacting with colleagues, customers and suppliers. And they can be sure that they will be treated in the same way.

Working in our subsidiaries and co-operations

We are delighted that you are interested in working for Gebr. Heinemann! Did you know that there are also many companies that do not use our name explicitly, but where you can still find Gebr. Heinemann? We currently collaborate with 96 subsidiary companies and participants in 37 countries around the world, because we know that our partnerships make a huge contribution to our success. They enable us to continue to grow, open up new markets and develop successful solutions in both distribution and retail.

Successful together – our partnerships in Germany

Frankfurt Airport Retail GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt/Main Airport

Together with Fraport AG, we have been running the joint venture Frankfurt Airport Retail GmbH & Co. KG since 2017 (you can find further information here). Frankfurt Airport Retail GmbH & Co. KG runs all the Heinemann Duty Free Shops, as well as other Fashion and Accessories shops (including Hermès, Burberry and Bvlgari), at Frankfurt am Main Airport and currently employs 780 people. Do you want to be a part of this success story? If so, you will find all jobs currently being advertised here. Simply send your application directly via the online careers portal to Frankfurt Airport Retail GmbH & Co. KG.

Beauty Consultant GmbH, Munich and Stuttgart airports

Beauty Consultant GmbH is our fully owned subsidiary, with its head office in Munich. Around 50 people are currently employed at the airports in Munich and Stuttgart. We provide services for Eurotrade, one of our largest customers in distribution. Our staff members advise passengers on high-quality brands of Perfume and Cosmetics products. Are you interested in working as a Beauty Consultant? If so, you can send your application directly via our careers portal. All current vacancies are advertised here at the location selections Munich or Stuttgart.

We see our staff as people, not numbers

As a family business, we place great value on people. That’s why new employees quickly feel at home at our company. We are open and honest with one another, stick together and take time to listen to each other. And we view our long working relationships with employees as proof that they feel welcome and valued at Gebr. Heinemann.

Respect for one another

We’re grateful to our temporary workers for their flexible support – so of course we show them the same level of respect as we do our permanent employees. We also treat our interns fairly. As a member of the Fair Company Initiative, we are committed to complying with specific regulations governing fair employment conditions.

Going the extra mile

For us, providing a fair salary is a given. We also offer our employees a number of services such as a company pension, subsidized public transport and employee discounts. What’s more, we try to make working hours as flexible as possible.

An environment where you can grow

Our industry is extremely fast-paced. To enable all our employees to set themselves new challenges, we help them further develop their skills and strengths by providing professional, made-to-measure training opportunities – including in sales, specific product ranges, areas of expertise and management.

Individually tailored support

We also carry out regular employee surveys and one-to-ones. These help us better understand the personal situations and experiences of our staff and, where required, develop measures to bring about improvements.

Keeping your health in check

We aim to actively improve the health of all our staff through our health management programme. Our programme has four key areas of focus: health-oriented leadership, health promotion, occupational health and safety, and integration management.

Fit for working life

We offer subsidies for gym membership, free fruit baskets and drinks, and training on issues such as nutrition, fitness and stress management. We also provide support for reintegration into the workplace after long periods of sickness – a key part of our health management programme. In 2013, the City of Hamburg’s Department for Work, Social Issues, Family and Integration recognized our efforts in this area.

Combining family and work

As a family business, we understand the importance of a work-life balance. So we always try to meet our employees halfway – for example, with more flexible hours for parents. We also offer financial support for childcare, and a family service for help with finding nursery places or care for elderly or disabled relatives. Through this service we can also help organize childcare in emergencies or during the holidays, or advise/support you in the event of a family bereavement or other emergency.

Thinking of tomorrow today

Corporate social responsibility encompasses values that, as a Hamburg-based family business, we know all too well from the longstanding Hanseatic tradition of doing business with integrity. It means doing business sustainably by combining our corporate activities with a sense of responsibility towards employees, the environment and society. Wherever we reap benefits, we aim to give something back. Because what helps us should help others too.

Responsible across the board

We strive to understand economic, social and environmental factors in context and find a balance between them. That’s why we set ourselves targets for reducing waste and energy consumption, and use resources as sparingly as possible. We also engage in social projects and support people who are less fortunate.

Embracing diversity

Our workforce includes a diverse range of people. We greatly value this diversity: it is what defines us and we benefit from it on a daily basis. “Internationality” is much more than just a buzzword used to describe our business segment, the travel market. As our customers, suppliers and colleagues come from all over the world, we experience and embrace this internationality every day. An open, tolerant working environment is second nature to us and is firmly embedded in our company values.


Our work is important. But so is our team and sense of togetherness. So whether we’re enjoying ourselves at a party or entering a sports and family event under the company name – one thing is clear: those who have fun together, work well together.